Rabu, 21 September 2011


Some areas of the country when the dry season is to let them land abandoned, but unlike some of the java community, especially Kebumen and Purworejo. Tobacco and green beans are the crops grown in the area.

The reason is when the rainy season arrives, these plants are difficult to grow because it is always flooded. This causes the roots on these plants decay until eventually lead to lower selling prices. Farmers who own land have a very extensive planting of tobacco in their fields, with no small cost of this effort was fruitless. Why not expensive, they suck the water should be using the water pump even have their pelvis when the location of the water away from the source. Commensurate with the selling price of Rp 100,000 per kg, this was a blessing for farmers growing tobacco leaves.


The phrase was uttered by a father who lives in Jababeka tree when the socialization of the environment and love of animals as the completeness and preservation of nature. Forests with no animals and wildlife would not be complete and perfect because of the imbalance will occur.
The bird fauna of the famous letter carriers in ancient times and still exist now become the icon of a state-owned company that is now a limited company. Pigeons are many different colors and types, and as a manifestation of love for the environment, about 30 heads removed from the cage.
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Overlay Jabon That Brings Blessings

Not unexpectedly it when an ordinary farmer who accidentally has 4 wooden tree jabon (Anthochepalus Cadamba) who was about 7 years worth of 7jt rupiah appreciated. Surprise to the farmer that even the neighbors about the sale of these plants. Popular 2-year wood is indeed famous for its relatively short harvest period with rapid growth, many planted and are now beginning to emerge of new seedlings nursery. In Central Java, almost in every district has an average of 10 seedlings could be even more. This indeed makes the business profitable where enthusiasts asngat against jabon have also begun to increase.

Even their marketing media was unsparing up through the media websites. Of course this is an attractive market, where we can directly market their products to industrial plywood, matches, paper, etc. without the need to go through an intermediary if you are already accustomed to doing business. For some farmers in separate places that are not familiar at all sometimes still hesitate to plant trees bongsor this one. They prefer to wait for people to promote to plant first. If the result is consistent reality then planted.

It's not just about Jabon, but also to other plants which incidentally is also the author of exhibiting california papaya. It is unfortunate when vacant land is left dormant while we have gained information about gold investments made ​​in the field of timber other than greenery as well as a lifetime investment. After 5 years we can harvest, leaving some or one third of the old plant, then we are growing again and our 3-year period the timber harvest was 8 years old. Weeding is done so that such a land of water quality is maintained at the same time we have to make long-term savings of about 3 years.
Happy planting!
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Not Ordinary Woman

When in a relationship blogger in Jakarta some time ago. When that happens the sharing of the love of plants by an expert and commonly referred to as the father of a tree, he was the father of Eka Budianta. Interesting conversation ensued until finally leading question and answer session. Some questions range from the conversion of mangroves, peat until jabon. Nothing new for fellow bloggers about jabon plants, even someone who dubbed the father of the tree is still not understand where the origin of the unique and magical plants. How not, the article within a period of 5 years of rapid growth could reach a diameter of 50cm.

This could be a very good opportunity in which this tree can be used as future assets. With treatments that are easy and not too troublesome pests (caterpillars and leaf rollers), we can eradicate with fungicides and pesticides Antrakol be combined with Decis. There are two types of plants jabon (Anthocephalus Cadamba) jabon namely red and white. Characteristics that are very simple on the leaf stems are red or white.

Back to Laptops. My turn to ask had already started and I asked just a few questions about the origin of this one plant and ideally about fertilizing. Finally there is a beautiful and brave young mother appeared from the look on his face that always appeared a firm stance, and always dare to face the challenges of life. MBA Prapti name, a young mother has 2 twins who are toddlers nan this funny, finally asked me. "How cultivation and maintenance Jabon mas?" I just answer "fairly easy mba, we just prepare the planting medium and sprinkle as much as a bucket of manure leave for a few days we are planting new seeds".

We also exchange phone numbers to facilitate the exchange of information, until akhirya often smsan. Do not feel we smsan and sometimes all night leads to another conversation for example walks of life and life experiences. Another thing I admire about the figure of this woman is being a mother of two children at once earner for them. Hemm with great toughness and strong motivation will be two toddlers who are still funny, he can survive. Continue to fight for the future of your children someday, hopefully they have a way of life better than you. Aamiin.
Thank God yes! (Syahrini banged)
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Selasa, 20 September 2011


Some plants are easy to grow in drought conditions such as these, among others, green beans and soybean fields with the condition there are no parts. Farmers in Purworejo always painstaking in making use of land when drought arrives.
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Sand Lost Land Abandoned

Thus the end result of an illegal sand mining that occurred in the area of ​​Bekasi Regency New Attack. Why not concerned with soil conditions that have been turned into an artificial lake with a depth that varies while in which no resident or fish that dwelt there. This condition is exacerbated by gersangnya vacant land around the area.

Some are still in operation showing the swift currents of the sand suction machine that still operates. Despite the ban, but they remain determined to do the mining. The reason they made this for a living and there is no other capability out there, while the manager with the support of various elements of this land continuously eroded. The environmental impact of course there but still they do it.
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Do not feel we have a month through the blessed month of Ramadan, although unknowingly in our hearts lazy

practicing the rewards many times over it. But we longed to meet again with Ramadan in the coming years, to find the reward is doubled at a time to gather with relatives from different cities to find rizki tuk wander. Time to stay in touch and mutual bermaafan, for an error that we realize it or not. Some organizations that exist today make us confused, but should be careful whether it deviated from the teachings or not.

In the morning was still cool ta'mir also a youth village mosque An-nurr sindanghaji Rt 27 Sidaharja Lakbok seemed to be carrying former board tuk praying tarawih stage. This is done because this morning was announced by the local priest that tonight was Takbir, but yes we take the mandate from the ministers of religion who notabenenya adjust to the observation / confirmation hearings.

Be patient and always receive the difference as a thing of beauty is being taught, but the difference was not appropriate for conscience and clearly threatening the integrity of ya would not want to be straightened out or massacred. Hemm says that if you say sadistic slaughter, he means yes and if need be firmly combated the doctrine of lawful blood as a false prophet. The noble Islamic religion and teach tawadhu nature, gentle, polite but firm against evil. As the penalty of hand amputation for thieves, the form in which the firmness while providing a deterrent effect makes the fear of others not to imitate the act of stealing. So dech this post.


"Natures Antibiotic Miracle"

Name: Ny. Nellyawati
Address: Jl. Major Utarya Gg. Gn. Dalem I No.. 17 Tasikmalaya in West Java
Phone: 0265 326995

Melia Propolis Answer My Prayer

At the moment I stepped on the age of 69 years. One year ago I encroached on various diseases (complications). Initially diabetes then arises of uric acid and cholesterol and coronary heart eventually. Twice I entered the ICU, the first in Tasikmalaya Hospital, the second at Immanuel Hospital, Bandung. Friends and relatives and posterity will consider my life no longer due to walk alone I was not able to, but I never stopped to pray and surrender to God. Besides diet eat, to drink the drug from the doctor until it reaches 12 kinds so my ears were ringing frequently.

Thank God my prayers seem to come true. One day my eldest son who became a member Melia Melia Propolis Summit provide and advocate to stop taking other medicines. I drink one day Melia Propolis 3 X 5 drops of morning, afternoon, night. Fabulous, just three days I took it felt a lot of changes in my health condition. One of my first month check-up blood sugar, uric acid, cholesterol, and heart showed a lot of changes three months later I felt really healthy total to date. Weight stabilized, there was never any prohibition makanpun again and strong enough to walk away.

Thus miracles and extraordinary grace that God has given to me by Melia Propolis so that I can received his healthy life again. Thanks Melia Propolis and for readers who want to be healthy just MELIA PROPOLIS consumption.